Tortillas Cookbook

Chiles Cookbook

Beans Cookbook

This is a really cool set of totally classic-hip  Southwestern books.  I’d describe them as more traditional recipes that are so beautifully photographed and so delicious.  TORTILLAS is flat out wonderful  with “my” Tortilla Soup, Burritos, Flautas, Chilaquiles, Fajitas..etc.  CHILES  is all fired up with Kitchen Cinco Salsa, Hot and Cold Tequila, Grilled Sesame Pork Kabobs…etc.  BEANS..I love beans in every form: El Paso Red Beans and Rice, Red Chile Colorado Chile Con Carne, Chile Roasted Chicken, Chickpea Soup with Green Sage Oil (yum), Boilermaker Baked Beans…it just goes on and on!…….

The El Paso Chile Company, Tortilla, Beans & Chile Cookbooks by W. Park Kerr

William Morrow & Co, New York

Tortillas Cookbook Back Cover..flautas

Chiles Cookbook Back Cover..Pork Sate with Peanut Sauce

Beans Cookbook Back..Grilled Chicken Torta



Viva Margarita

Viva Margarita Back Cover

Viva Margarita Back Cover

The El Paso Chile Company Viva Margarita by W. Park Kerr photos by Leigh Beisch

This is my second tequila/margarita book.  It’s out of print now and is available on Amazon.  Trust me on this one…its killer good.  Excellent drink recipes and great photography…..Park


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MARGARTIA 101 & Viva Vodka

The El Paso Chile Company Margarita Cookbook by W. Park Kerr  or  MARGARTIA 101

This was my first Tequila/Margarita book…damn, it’s potent as a salty margarita kiss.  If your totally into Tequila smacked drinks, foods…this libro is for you!  In this un-holiest of bibles, you will dive into: THE KENTUCKY CLUB MARGARITA, TRIPLE CITRUS SUNRISE MARGARITA, TRAILER PARK PUNCH, PINEAPPLE INFUSED TEQUILA, TEQUILA BBQ SAUCE…..and that is just to name a few…..check it out on line….park

Margarita 101

Margarita 101

Viva Vodka Cover

From the author of Viva Margarita come 50 recipes for elegant vodka-based cocktails, down-and-dirty shooters, refreshing patio coolers, frozen and creamy indulgences, and an array of dazzling new flavor combinations. Sure, the recipe for a classic martini is in here, but that’s just the beginning. Get a Caipirovska, the Russian equivalent of Brazil’s famous Caipirihna (just trade out the cachaa for cold, refreshing vodka, sit back, and enjoy). Or try the Arrivederci Capri, a sunny little drink with citrusy lemoncello. And for the truly hardcore, the In-a-Vodka-Da-Vida section is filled with knockout recipes for shooters and shots. Viva Vodkathere’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on.

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