The Margarita…a drink, a lifestyle.  Her stinging potent salty kiss takes us so many places, friends, beaches, bars. All good things.  We are located on the border, EL Paso, Texas.  Seems that most every old bartender in Juarez claims to have invented the Margarita.  I don’t know about that.  My dad tells the story of an old old place on strip called “Tommy’s Rendezvous” where dad claimed this legend came to live.  I believe him.  We have an old watering hole in Juarez called “The Kentucky Club” as far as I am concerned, if the Margarita was not invented there..then it should have been.  If you are ever this way, make a trip to The Kentucky Club, the unholy grail of the Margarita a MUST on your bucket list.


The Holy or Un-Holy Grail of the Margarita: The Kentucky Club, on Ave Juarez, Juarez Mexico.  The bartenders have been there for 100s of years, and shake up the best margarita ever.  I like to sit at the bar (cocktail culture and entertainment)…note the ingredients:  Mexican Controy (fake Cointreau), Silver Tequila, Mexican Key lime juice, ice and salt.  That’s it.  The classic combo is this: one part Tequila, one part Controy, one part fresh lime juice..shake like hell with ice and serve up. And like the old saying goes: “one margarita good, two margaritas more, three margaritas floor!”


ONE PART: Silver Tequila (it’s all good)

ONE PART: Cointroy (or cheep clear tripe-sec)

ONE PART: FRESH lime juice (Mexican key lime)

DASH: FRESH orange juice (this kicks it over the top)

Shake all the above over cracked ice, pour into salt (kosher salt) rimmed cocktail coupe glasses….repeat as often as you can


I also have to tell you about another historic amazing margarita.  In Mexico City, the old historic center is the Zona Rosa and there is a fantastic old restaurant there “La Fonda del Refugio”. The owner serves classic 17th-19th century Mexican foods.  The cuisine is un-surpassed.  The margarita that is served there has the most overwhelming “candy lime” flavor.  I asked the owner about this…she tells me that the limes are only from one old town in Mexico (not telling me where) and this regional lime is her trademark.  I agree…amazing.  By the way, here is an example of the cusine…deep fried guzanos (worms) with mole/black beans (see photograph below).  A pre-hispanic dish.

Fonda del Refugio:  Liverpool 166, Zona Rosa, Mexico City, Mexico  tel: 207-2732