SWEET HEAT!  Honey Pecan BBQ is so sweet with just a sting of heat.  I really love, LOVE, big flavored BBQ sauces that sick to your ribs, chicken, or fish….Honey Pecan is ALL NATURAL, huge pecan, honey and sweet flavors.  Thing I really love about this sauce is the sugars caramelize up beautifully and delivers that BBQ flavor punch.  This one is good for little dippers sticky fingers bbq sauce…not hot.  Now, I like to really punch it up with a good dose of crushed hot red pepper.  Also, very easy and fast to take this sauce to Asia.  I add in a huge dose of Soy Sauce, toasted sesame oil, more ground chile, and a huge scoop of orange marmalade.

Honey Pecan BBQ Skewers



Yum, this kind of global BBQ is just the best.  Call them saute, shish-kebob or skewers…..just be sure and call me.  I love these for a little cocktail party or on top of a cold romaine salad.

There really is no recipe here at all.  I do soak the wooden skewers very well (and even then I get a burned end or two).  I alternate chicken thighs cubes or chicken tender cubes with the hard part of a green onion.  Slather with BBQ Sauce and get after it.  Really nice!

Take this to Asia by stirring in sesame oil, sesame seeds, soy sauce, curry powder!  Its all really good.  The more big flavors the better.

HOT TIP: to really keep the wood from torching, wrap ends in a little foil.