WHO IS YOUR DADDY!!!!!!!!! In the BBQ world there is more bad sauce than good. I have worked and worked on this bone sticker, that is ALL NATURAL, kissed-slapped-and punched up with huge flavors. The only thing I like sliding off the grill are ribs..this sauce is all flavor, sicks to ribs like a dog on a bone. However you like ur Q baby, this sauce performs as a marinade, baster and dipper. Park

Baby Back Ribs


KICK ASS..THE BEST BABY BACK RIBS EVER IN THE WORLD FOREVER…AMEN   Working on my grill book BURNING DESIRES, I kept finding really great old baby back rib recipes that were not boiled to death, packs in all the flavor of the meat, and basically just makes your friends and brother-in-law jealous. These old recipes called to bake the ribs. Also, these old recipes used ginger ale, coca-cola, and Dr. Pepper as a key ingredient OK, enough said. This is my top secret technique…PLEASE steal it and make it yours. you will need: 1 or more Reynolds Browning Bags (turkey size) Ginger Ale (the good kind) Large baking sheets HOW TO DO IT: Un-pack and rinse off the ribs. Lay the opened baking bag on the baking sheet and slide the ribs in. Now I usually bake off 2 racks per bag. Then, pour in the Ginger Ale (two cans). Tie off the bag, poke in a couple of air holes and bake the whole mess for 1.5-2 hrs at 325-350. When done, remove from the oven, slit open bag and let the ribs dry out. NOTE: this is a great day or two make ahead of time for a party or a pic-nick. Remove the cooled ribs to the grill and start painting with DADDY-Q….the glaze will crust up as you cook…flip over and over…side note: I like to use the upper rack, sauce seems to just cook on so good.