Desert Pepper - Black Bean Dip


Out of the quiet desert night, where the wind blows cool and you can see directly into the heavens, comes a salsa that will inspire your eternal devotion.  Pure of taste and soothing in nature, Salsa Divino is mild, but not without soul.  So if what you desire is a salsa unlike any other, this is the answer to your prayers.


Salsa Divino Chile Con Queso

And in the beginning, there was Salsa Divino.  This numero uno salsa, is the cornerstone, and first salsa we pioneered.  This is what we eat everyday here on the border: tomatoes, onions, garlic and green chile. That’s it. simple, elegant and delicious.  I use this in everything from an anemic pasta sauce, stir in huge chunks of avocado  for salsa-guacamole, out of the jar… name it.  This classic salsa remains all of our favorite.


Yep, this is the holy-grail of Chile Con Queso recipes.  This is my…well….kind of a  trashy food recipe.  OK, I own it….but damn its good. And, totally non-apologetically, Velveeta is a miracle in Chile Con Queso.  This soul warming recipe is great anytime it’s cold, apres ski, your depressed, or for a sleepover.


1     small block of Velveeta cheese, cubed

1  cup or a good handful of grated sharp cheddar cheese

1     jar SALSA DIVINO

1     cube Chicken Bullion crumbled up (I like Knorr)

milk  just a dash

BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER: add in..fresh grated red or green jalapeno, green chile, a good hand full of grated cheddar cheese, cooked spicy taco meat (or Jimmy Dean Sausage…exxxtra hot, cooked & drained)

Now, this can be done two ways: microwave or on the stove…either way it goes like this.

Slowly melt the Velveeta (stirring often it burns fast), stir in Salsa Divino, crumble the bullion cube in, stir in just a kiss of milk…..rewarm and serve.  For a better queso add a good handful of grated cheddar cheese, grated fresh jalapeno…..and if your really bad, a handful or three of cooked taco meat!…Trust me on this one.

Salsa Divino Huevos Rancheros


There really is no official recipe here at all.  I LOVE huevos rancheros for breakfast..or really most anytime.  This is how you do it:  lightly saute a a corn tortilla (set aside), fry or poach an egg, plop the egg on the tortilla, top with warmed Salsa Divino, top with cheese and serve…repeat!  I like to serve this with a nice spoonful of re-fried beans….ya know, it just does not get any better.