Desert Pepper - Black Bean Dip


Juicy pineapple jams with medium-hot habanero peppers, jalapenos, and green chiles for a taste that’s Tex-Mex with a tropical rhythm….tuned up with cilantro and a hint of lime juice.  So shake your maracas and eat to the beat.  You’ll soon be singing its praises.

Recipes | Grilled Soy Marianted Salmon with Pineapple Salsa

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Grilled Salmon with Pineapple Salsa

OK, I really have a penchant for using salsas as grilling condiments.  Pureed they make excellent BBQ sauces, right out of the bottle…spooned on top of grilled salmon, pork loin or chicken..they are pretty swell.  Look, use your imagination and “improve” the salsa.  I like to add, fresh HUGE mango chunks to this salsa….


1 cup low sodium soy sauce

ginger  a dash

Salmon 2 to 6 pcs


Mariante salmon in the soy/ginger and grill…..HOT TIP:  I like to spray the salmon with a hint of vegetable spray, keeps everything  sliding smooth….grill both side, plate ‘er up…nap with Pineapple salsa!