XXX Habanero Salsa Bloody Mary

Now, in the salsa/pepper world…HOT means HOT…..XXX, kicks butt!…..I really love this salsa.  It’s bright, sunny, full of flavor and really has enough heat to “get-er-done”.   XXX makes an amazing addition to fresh mashed up avocados for guacamole (be sure to squeeze in some lime juice).  I like to add in fresh diced mangoes, pineapple, or ripe peaches….this really takes XXX right over the top.   Love to know your thoughts and ideas……


Basically at this point in your life you gotta know how to make a damn good, right from scratch, Bloody Mary.  I got to tell you that this concoction of mine will fix you up just right. Virgin or the busted-cherry version….its a blessing.  Once again, no real recipe here..just my natty little technique. It goes like this:  in an anxiously awaiting blender filled with bottled tomato juice add: 1/2 bottle XXX Habanero Salsa, puree till very smooth.  Transfer to a large glass pitcher and go for it.  Splash in: lime juice, a little orange juice (secret ingredient), Worcestershire Sauce, horseradish…..yum. Oh, don’ forget the vodka or tequila.   Now, I am a fond user of Clamato Juice…I think it’s about the perfect base (msg and food color makes it better! LMAO)……


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