Chicken or Pork Sate with Peach Mango BBQ sauce

Grilled Chicken Sate with Mango Peach BBQ Sauce

I love sate, anytime, anywhere.  The inspiration for this simple, yet yummy recipe came from a trip to Bali and all of Indonesia. I had sate in every form possible.   The Peach Mango BBQ sauce is super pronto to make.  I like taking the flavors more to the Indonesian side with a good smack of curry powder or paste (really the paste is 10,000 times better and is in the Asian food isle of the store), a good dash of sesame oil and its a done deal.

Grilled chicken Sate with Peach Mango BBQ sauce - Damn, this looks good....I served this with a soy/sesame, ginger dipping sauce that was packed with grilled jalapenos!


1 jar  Peach Mango salsa

1 good scoop curry (red) paste

Sesame oil:   a huge dash

Rum:  a good dash

12+ chicken tenders, sliced pork butt, or tofu

12+ bamboo skewers soaked in water

Sesame seeds:  sprinkle sesame seeds over the finished sate

Puree all the first 4 ingredients together in a blender…into a nice chunky paste. If you want it sweeter, then add a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar!  I love the sweet grill crust this gets!


Pork Sate, NIght Market, Bali, Indonesia - This night market vendor, made, the BEST sate ever. His trough (bbq grill) was tiny and long. He was burning bamboo charcoal. He would take the raw sate out of the marinade, pop 'em on this the flames like all hell. What was left was 10 for $1.00 sate! so good. Flavors were: curry, smoke, chile.

Carefully thread the meat (chicken, pork or tofu) onto the moist bamboo skewer, bbq on a hot grill.  HOT TIP: I like to gently spray the meat with some Pam or vegetable based non-stick spray…no stickin’ or burning!…..turn to cook careful not to burn the bamboo skewers…I generally either put some foil under the grilling sticks (wood part only) or hang them off the grill..make sense??….look at the photo of sate-man in will get it!

By the way, these sates cook just as well in a 350 degree oven….turn the convection on!

Tiki-style chiken sate skewers - LOVE this tiki style serving idea....never really done it here..and I am all over this one!

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