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Updated January 2008

Salsa is the top-selling condiment in the U.S., outselling ketchup and mustard. While there are plenty of salsas available in a range of flavors from hot and wild to sweet and mild, very few stand out in reviews as truly good. We’ve identified three salsas that reviewers say are worth dipping into.

In blind taste tests, salsa varieties by Desert Pepper Trading Co. are top-rated more often than any other brand. Reviewers are especially impressed by Desert Pepper’s sophisticated ingredients and blends of flavors (a particular favorite of gourmet publications is the Corn, Black Bean, Roasted Red Pepper variety). At $5 for a 16-oz. jar, however, Desert Pepper is significantly more expensive than highly rated salsa from Green Mountain Gringo and Pace, and not everyone is fond of flavors like raspberry chipotle or pineapple.

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